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Women of present world have become more fashion and quality conscious and now look for the best within their budget. They have very less quality options available in the market. This has inspired the manufacturers and the retailers to capture the vacuum and generate best returns of their investment. In current scenario the women's fashion world still lacks any trusted brand in casual wear.

"Suti" has filled this vacuum and has registered itself successfully as a most trusted and established brand in women's casual wear. "Suti" covers the complete range of attires for women of class. It promises the quality, durability, grace, style, elegance and…. all this within their budget. What else a woman can demand for.

"Suti" has been in retails market from last 2 years. In these years "Suti" has earned name, fame and the most valuable trust of the women gender. Those who tried "Suti" once, become fond of its products."Suti" has successfully satisfied their consumers.

Now extend its reach to every women "Suti" is offering franchise for its Exclusive Brand Outlets all over India. These outlets will have a closer relation with all the "Suti" fans. As a manufacturer "Suti" is willingly committed to support for media & marketing, inventory management, sales training and local promotional activities.

Business opportunity offered by "Suti" has a promising future."Suti" being a manufacturer has a strong infrastructure of its own to meet latest trends, quality, cost etc. Our infrastructure is capable to support the franchise partners in all parameters.

Complete Satisfaction& happiness – to all consumers and business associates – is the motto of "Suti"

Few more FAQ's highlighted for Franchise are as below

We are present in 10 states, 25 cities and 150 outlets, spread all over India. We are coming up with 25 EBO's. (Exclusive Brand Outlets) before the closing of F.Y. 2014-15. We are already in the verge of launching of 10 EBO's in a couple of months.

We stand as backbone of every franchise that comes in association with us. We provide all training and with all facility required by them for successful operation of the store. We have a well maintained inventory store with us ready for dispatch whenever as and when required. We provide all those supports which are necessary to generate business from their location like ATL & BTL activities.

The parameters that we follow can be categorized as following:

1. Location: - The location means the site of store. It should be on High Street/Main Market/Mall etc.
2. Rent of Property:-The rent of the property is also a vital aspect to keep in mind.
3. Women Population : - The local population is the key criteria for us. Along with it we also focus on their life style –major part of women population is working or homely, the ratio of youth population, their clothing culture etc. These few points are to be taken care of before we launch our store.
4.Basis of Economy : - Although this just does not make any direct effect on our stock but we do study this as this plays a key role in the dispersal of our garments. We have to know the major source of income of the local population as it has a great effect on the dressing style. Wearing a branded garment has now become a status symbol. The ladies very proudly boast of famous brands in their wardrobes. The lifestyle of the women population effects their attire choices. If they belong to a society which is outgoing and well advanced they are friendly to adopt new ideas. But this is totally adverse in the society that is bound to their traditions. They go with the old tradition. There we have to design outfits that go with the tradition & culture. There are places where a mixture of culture is vibrantly visible. Here the women are open to newer designs and readily accept them. We have new challenges and opportunities in such areas. But we have a suitable design and fits for all. We have lots and lots of categorized style in our stock and we add new with every passing day. The purchasing capacity of the local population plays a major factor.
5. Nearby vicinity: - We prefer to have our stores in the area that is nearby to shopping street, mall, main market college or is located at an area of high footfall. Where the women population is higher gives an extra advantage to us. The more outgoing women are attracted to our stores the more we get business. We look for the area that is in close proximity to the places where the majority of women come with a shopping mindset. Ultimately our collection is best suitable for those who are style, fashion & quality conscious. Our innovative designs and fits are the first choice of those who maintain iconic lifestyle and have a desire to look the best always.

Our Plan is to open 25 EBO's before the closing of F Y 2014-15. We are already in the verge of launching of 10 EBO's. in a couple of months.
The actual question that matters most is not the number of outlets but that how many Franchisee outlets are running smoothly and successfully. We believe in smooth and continuous business with our partners & associates and hence go for success and ultimate customer satisfaction.

We are currently running 8 EBO's.
The company own are 4 & Franchise stores 4 ( View "Contact Us" to refer Store locations ).We are aggressively working on more retail outlets. Company is concentrating & emphasizing more on Non metro cities to explore the opportunity for B & C Class town business persons. A person who is seriously looking for a profitable & competition less franchise opportunity, his search ends at SUTI.

Franchise Criteria:

Area : Min.500sq,ft.
RoI : Pay Back Period 24 Months
Investment : Rs.15 Lakhs for Non metro & 20 Lakhs for Metro cities (Includes all)
Breakeven : Varies with location
Current centers More than 250 Outlets
EOS 11 Exclusive Brand Outlets

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