Why Suti?

Why Suti?

India is the largest producer of Cotton. Even India is also the largest market of cotton garments. Cotton stands first in the choice of fabric for the garments all over the world due to the level of comfort it provides to the skin in all types of weather conditions. For the similar reasons our brand "SUTI". "SUTI" as the name in itself suggests is a brand that is synonym to tradition, comfort and grandeur of our Indianism. It is a depiction of Indian style of attire. We in India have a major portion of year ruled by heat and sweat. In such climatic conditions we search for everything that is cool on our skin and warm for our eyes. Anything that is beauty and grand in itself is "SUTI". "SUTI" has answer to every question as why only "SUTI". It is a comfort wearing in aspect of – fabric material, costing, design, fashion style, grandeur, quality and anything that we may want for return of our hard earned money.

We have designs and patterns for every woman-- Indian wear & western dresses, to go for all occasions, suitable for every pocket. Once "SUTI" -- goes for always "SUTI". If anyone says Why "SUTI" – we all say Why not "SUTI"? "SUTI" is made for the Young and the Youth. Anyone who is interested in keeping young and youthful chooses "SUTI"

We belong to Jaipur – famous worldwide for its unique history of printing style, natural colors. We have tried to keep these historical roots of Indian culture & tradition and endless stories behind alive in almost every design of us. We keep this tradition intact with each of our design that in some or the other way it pictures the royal history of ancient India .We try to create magic in all our designs.

Nevertheless the story continues and new history is created with each and every design that we come up with.

How our brand differentiates and gives edge to other brands of Apparels?

Today we are living in a world where every new idea, every new design is just a click away. All thanks to the internet and the media of course. But this is not a back stroke for us. We are the trendsetters in the fashion market. We are actually years ahead for the latest fashion. As we have a team that is dedicated for creating new designs that will be in market in the upcoming times. In this way we are those who forecast the fashion much beforehand. We create a landmark for others designers. Our designs are a milestone for others to get inspiration.

We have in house infrastructure for all manufacturing requisites in garment industry. We have our own infrastructure for Printing, dying, washing, etc. From yarn to the finished product we have our own setup for every requirement. This keeps us far ahead of all the competitors who may just use their brand tag on the dresses from market. Having every infrastructure of our own has an advantage for us.

We are the manufacturers and the same time we are providing products to many leading apparel retail chains of India. We have introduced the concept for the first time in India—Manufacturer directly providing Franchise for their products.

USP of brand "SUTI"

Any brand that marks its presence in market has to stand up in few of the criteria. Some major ones may be categorized as foll.