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We Are Wings Lifestyles
Manufacturers & Retailers, Women's Casual Wear

In India a vide number of brands in men's wear are available. But when it comes to name for women's wear – India is completely clueless. Actually the field is vacant. Even if Indians have a few on tips to name-- they are either not the Indian brands or are not the manufacturers themselves. They are just the retailers .Who have their brand names embossed. "Suti" stands tall among these and are far ahead and have its roots firmly fixed as "Suti" has its own manufacturing. "Suti" has its own in house facility for every process in the manufacture of the final and finished product. Company has a complete set up for washing, dying, printing etc. in our own premises. Except the raw fabric every other process in converting a cloth into a finished garment on store is handled in our premises wholly and solely. "Suti" has its own expert team of designers who devotedly work day and night to ensure that every product that comes up in the store/ market is a diamond. Our team has a vast experience of the fashion trend of the global market. Being a manufacturer is an advantage as we play the role of trendsetter in the fashion world. We understand the pulse of female gender for latest fashion trends and demands in a better way. Being a manufacturer "Suti" even introduces new tends in the market before hand which other brands come up to follow in the future. Thus "Suti" actually forecasts the fashion.

Let us now deal with major functions / roles as the manufacturer, as trend setter, as a brand for women wear

It has now become a trend that every other day we come across new brand. But women's casuals and regular wear are still a field almost untouched. "Suti" decided to fill this vacuum and finally came up with the brand "Suti". Entirely committed to women's casual wear. It is a home of women's casual wear for – Leggings, Kurtis, Patiyalas, Dupatta, Tops, Tunics & Accessories like – Cotton Bags, Purses etc.

We in Wings Lifestyles have a huge manufacturing unit of about 100000sq ft of area. A huge team of professionals work day and night to bring out the best quality product. Quality best in terms of fabric, design, print, durability etc. More than 1000machines are involved in different processes like cutting stitching, embroidery work, Smocking / Shirring, Sequencing / beadwork etc.

"Suti" is doing great and is on a long journey. We invite all the ladies to join us in our journey.