Exclusivity's calling: keeping the artisans legacy alive as Sharp, as Precise, as Unique

Exposing and exploring the magic of local artisans and giving them their worth is important to us. The local artisans are a suppressed lot and we are here not just for business but also to resurrect them. Hand embroidery is no baby business and is what makes your dress so special. Anything which stands out can't be cheap. The Kattha work is a family profession for the local artisans and this skill flows in their very bloodline. Adda work is an almost lost art which can only be done by a very small and extremely skilled lot of legendary artisans who have an extreme eye for detail and we our doing our best to preserve their legacy which only existed for the Maharajas of yesteryears. It means that all their love and karma is in it, to be your lucky charm. "Don't forget people in the background create people in the headlines". The money you spend, would help the families who have made your garments so perfect. So, please keep compassion in your heart and pay honor, respect, worth & their deserved margin. What we give is what we get back, Princess, and who would know that better than your own glowing heart and loving soul.

We have in house infrastructure for all manufacturing requisites in garment industry. We have our own infrastructure for Printing, dying, washing, etc. From yarn to the finished product we have our own setup for every requirement. This keeps us far ahead of all the competitors who may just use their brand tag on the dresses from market. Having every infrastructure of our own has an advantage for us.

We are the manufacturers and the same time we are providing products to many leading apparel retail chains of India. We have introduced the concept for the first time in India—Manufacturer directly providing Franchise for their products.

WINGS at a Glance

Company Type Private Ltd
Nature of Business Export & Domestic
Place at Jaipur (Raj.)
Working Since 18-08-1999
Directors Pawan Nahata & Pankaj Nahata
Originated from Bikaner
Existence in Retail 2013 / 2014
Presence in India Across in India
EBO's (Exclusive Brand Outlet) 48 Showrooms
Projection of 2018-19 100 Showrooms
Last year Turn Over 50 Cr.
Total Turn Over 80 Cr.
No. of Production Unit 3
Total Build up Area 100000 Sq. Ft.
No. of Sewing 1000
Man Power (Staff) 1050
Daily Production Strength (in Pcs.) 8500
Washing Enzyme, Acid, Silicon
Dyeing Garment Pigment, Sulpher, Over print, Tie & Dye, Dip Dye
Special Jobs Sequencing / Beadwork, Smocking / Shirring, Embroidery
Software Solutions's Single ERP System
Compliances Certified by WRAP,SEDEX, SA-8000 by BVQI